Empower2Perform (E2P) provides optimal performance solutions in numerous cultural environments which includes athletic, performing arts, education and corporate. Insights and interventions are evidenced based and combine sport and performance psychology, leadership, personal development, and lifestyle approaches.

  • Be empowered to perform at your best with enjoyment
  • Engage mental training and mindfulness techniques to put your performance goals on track
  • Develop confidence with a game-plan and remain committed to it when challenging situations arise
  • Manage emotions effectively to enable optimal performance
  • Find support during various athletic career transitions and during hardship with lifestyle management techniques
  • Develop personal skills giving you an identity beyond your sport
Teams and Coaches
  • Build motivational climates that lead to coherence and teamship
  • Develop emotional intelligence to facilitate learning environments that are engaging and fun
  • Cultivate open communication channels and a leadership culture to develop a high performance environment
  • Deliver programs that encourage feedback and support the development of each person with an individualised plan
Performing Artists
  • Diffuse pressure and eliminate stage fright
  • Relate to the character or musical piece
  • Maintain optimal energy in performance
  • Stay focussed in the moment of acting or performing
  • Increase and maintain confidence
  • Build confidence and motivation for exam preparation
  • Build awareness and manage emotions effectively
  • Manage time efficiently
  • Focus and concentrate on tasks
Executives, Portfolio Managers and Traders
  • Identify your values and career aspirations
  • Take ownership of your direction and progression
  • Engage in dialogue that communicates enthusiasm, innovation and authenticity
  • Lead teams by enabling autonomy
  • Emotionally regulate to achieve optimal performance
  • Execute effective and precise decisions whilst diffusing pressure
  • Commit to a trading plan with flexibility
  • Remain motivated and disciplined when markets turn against your strategic position