Mental resources are developed such that individuals are empowered to make changes that will enhance performance in any domain. Part of these services include helping individuals to develop a heightened consciousness for their thoughts and feelings that have an impact on their performances, and where necessary, make beneficial changes by embracing alternative ways to think and act without judgment – The Mindful Approach.

Consultant’s Philosophy

The consultant develops peak performance with wellbeing. Developing skills that support personal growth alongside optimising performance, is essential for wellbeing and enjoyment.

At the very core of E2P’s approach is effective communication with all involved to ensure a common goal. Methods are non prescriptive, and allow individuals to feel that they are empowered to utilise resources and tools, to enhance their performance effectively and manage their performance pathways with confidence.

E2P helps you develop:


By teaching mental skills:

Goal Setting
Self talk
Emotion Regulation
Energy Management

Some Service Specifics:

Assessment and Profiling
Development of Self-Awareness
Injury Management
Coach and Parent Education
Lifestyle Management
Personal Development
Teamwork and Teamship
Leadership Development
Life Skills Development in Youth Sport Settings