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Risk and Behaviour in Fund Management

Risk and Behaviour in Fund Management

“We find that hedge fund managers who own powerful sports cars take on more investment risk. Conversely, managers who own practical but unexciting cars take on less investment risk. The incremental risk taking by performance car buyers does not translate…

The Science Behind Swimming

The Science Behind Swimming Aspects of nutrition, biomechanics, and psychology are discussed in the video. We're breaking down the science of swimming w/@TomBatesCoachng @DrNealASmith @Bodhizone & @LouiseMBurke #RoadToRio — Gillette World Sport (@WorldSport) August 3, 2016

How do American football pros manage big game jitters

Credit : Chuck Burton, AP Relaxation techniques, mindfulness, awareness, cue words, anxiety management were some of the techniques introduced by a sport psychologist.

Sport and Society A great video for parents, coaches and all involved in sport. What do we want our youths to gain from being involved in sport? What are the messages we teach? The video highlights some of the important aspects of…