Recent News

E2P continues to support Volley Against Violence and the Boston Police Force, USA (May 2017).

Coach Shams and STEC youths

By structuring programs and introducing life skill curriculums E2P supports youth sport programs and communities grow. Volley Against Violence is a tennis program involving Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Centre, Boston Police Force, MA, and local communities and is supported by the USTA. The program continues to evolve with attention to youth leadership, youth empowerment and personal skill development all through a structured format and curriculum introduced by Shameema Yousuf. At STEC all involved are encouraged to have a mindful approach in cultivating a growth culture.

Attendance of Mindfulness and Acceptance Summit hosted by Team Danmark in Copenhagen, Denmark (April 2017).

Joining sport psychologists and practitioners from Team Danmark, US Olympic Committee, Canadian Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, Irish Sports Institute, UK Sport, Norwegian Air Force and School of Sport Sciences, Swedish Sport Federation, Swiss Federal Institute of Sport, Israel Olympic Committee and German Saarbruecken Olympic Institute , Shameema Yousuf was able to share applied practices in elite sport and discuss latest developments in the field.

E2P is collaborating with Arsenal’s lead sport psychologist David Priestley on a practitioners infographic workbook (April 2017).