Why Empower2Perform

All practices are founded in research and have been implemented by the consultant in applied settings. Athletes, coaches and referees supported are represented by RFU, WNBA, WTA, PGA, FA, GB Rowing, RedBull Elite, LSRFUR, US NCAA, Zimbabwe Hockey, and also include youth sport tennis coaches, high school and middle school athletes, sport academies, and youth development community sport programs. E2P has consulted to Arsenal FC, ITF and The Youth Sport Trust and is partnered with Elite Cycling. E2P was a WomenAhead 30%Club mentor supporting the development of leaders in sport working closely with England Table Tennis. She is also a referral consultant for Phsyio&More. Founder, Shameema Yousuf is also currently employed for 50% of her time with FA Premiership Club Brighton Hove Albion FC.

Since the mental approach translates to other fields, E2P has supported a comedian, performing arts students and traders and helped them to reach peak performance.

Being committed to ethical practice, E2P engages in continual professional learning to keep abreast of new developments in the field, contributes to research and writes for TennisHead, RugbyCoach Weekly, Running Fitness Magazine and has published material for UK Sport Education curriculum.

‘Everything Shameema did with my team this year was very helpful. My team was an interesting mix of players, but Shameema did exercises that brought my team together both physically and mentally! I know my athletes trusted her and appreciated her commitment to our team.’ 
Kristen Rasmussen Tarr, Head Basketball Coach, Simmons College.

None of us expected that this comprehensive approach could be designed and implemented in less than 9 months. The approach didn’t exist. Shameema created the structure, designed the content, built the relationships that made it work. She used her clinical experience, her knowledge of youth development and her ability to relate to other adults to create a program structure that will have lasting impact on the youth and families participating in Volley Against Violence (VaV).’ Anne Greenbaum, Director of Institutional Partnerships, Sportsmens Tennis and Enrichment Center.

‘Shameema helped me work on my goals and my organisation as a coach. This allowed me to focus on my performance as a junior academy coach at Bed Head. Her methods also empowered me to progress and strive towards gaining a new coaching role at QPR.’ Anthony Morgan, FA Football Coach, Queens Park Rangers.

‘Shameema’s work has given me a boost in confidence and in performance. Her techniques have completely transformed my mindset during both training and competition. In particular, I am now able to manage pressure situations with ease, something I used to struggle with previously. She’s a great sport psychology mental coach and you can tell that she really cares about her clients. I highly recommend her.’ Daniel Dennehy, Elite Freestyle Footballer and Red Bull Competitor.

‘The mentoring that Shameema provides, has been an essential part of my health and fitness for the last year. Prioritising the mental and psychological aspects of training and competition, has helped me understand this aspect of my performance and the impact it has on my physical fitness and well-being. I have learnt techniques that helped me remain consistent, and enabled me to refine my goals so that they are driven by what’s important to me within my life as a whole. This combination of  specific techniques together with maintaining a mindful holistic overview, have given me the sense of empowerment that I was looking for.’ Jo McRae, Performance Cyclist.